10 July, 2012

Sew and Sew - shirt and a skirt

With the school holidays finally I don't really mean that. But both Jackson and I were suffering cabin-fever on Sunday. He was hyper and I was most definitely not!
The holidays were full of lots of laughter, silliness, lunchbox and school shoe shopping, the museum, getting Jackson a 'go-card' (5 means I have to pay for him on transport now) and general home things.

What I did get done for myself, when Jackson was asleep, was some more sewing.

So this is the next instalment:

Pattern: Lisette (Simplicity) 2211 - Market Shirt
Fabric: Now here's a story. I have some gorgeous Liberty print lawn. Wasn't going to cut into it unless I had tried the pattern first on some El-cheapo fabric. So I picked up this cute cotton kids print for $3p/m and some green poplin for the 'trial'. I absolutely will wear the trial shirt now its made up! So for the Liberty I will just make a couple of minor adjustments; 1 - add some length in case I want the option to tuck it in and 2- take it in a little at the side seams. While I have the shoulders of a size 10, my waist and bust are no where near the measurements.
P.S. I don't have swimmers shoulders, that would imply that I swim and I'm too lazy for that.

Pattern: Issue 20 SewHip Magazine - Tartan Skirt.
Fabric: Taffeta (on sale at Spotlight: $10p/m - was $25p/m). I fell in love with this fabric when it came in about six months ago but the price was an issue for me as well as having fear put in me by being told it would fray and be difficult to sew. Turned out the taffeta was a breeze to sew, hardly frayed. The lining on the other hand; that I wanted to kill - it frayed non-stop.

I have made this skirt twice before and each time I make it I love it more. So now I have three. One in a yellow roses print, one in black with white spots and now this gorgeous taffeta.

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  1. Love that skirt! The fabric is gorgeous. I can't stop myself from buying anything plaid or check.