17 July, 2012

The I Love Vintage Show

On the weekend I got to go to the I Love Vintage show and art expo 2012.
I have been to a few vintage fairs that have been put on locally over the seasons, but this was the first vintage show that had space in the Brisbane Convention Centre with sellers from other parts of Australia.

While I enjoyed the vintage part of the show I was a little disappointed at the number of overseas reproductions that were asking near the same price of the originals. While I can understand a genuine 1957 silk and tulle cocktail dress, with tags still attached, can sell for hundreds of dollars, I was a touch disappointed that the repros' thought a similar price could be charged when the quality differed.

Anyway... it was a lovely day out and although I didn't purchase any clothing, I did find a March 1961 Australian Home Journal complete with patterns for a small bust size. (True fact: The myth that after having a baby you have a bigger bust size, was for me, just a myth. I had a larger chest before I had Jackson). Cost = $15.

I also found a Simplicity pattern from 1965 for a cute jacket with hood or collar and for two differing lengths. Cost =$8.

By far the best buy of the day was the Butterick New Sewing Book. Printed in 1953 by The Butterick Publishing Company Limited in Great Britain, this book is a true gold mine. It has everything in it for the home sewer with chapters like; Your Figure and Your Face - How to select a style that will do the most for you, Get the Most out of Your Pattern - How to cut, mark and assemble the new, easy way,  The Important Sewing Techniques and Consumer Buying - How to shop efficiently for sewing tools, fabrics and notions. The technique pages alone are a find, but all of the 1950's speak and illustrations even better. Cost =$4.

Oh, yes, and I also picked up two sweetly embroidered Swiss cotton hanker chiefs. Cost =$4 each. I can never pass up an old fashioned hankie. The cotton/linen always washes well and they don't wear out as quickly as any 'new-improved fabric' variety.

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