Seven years ago I was in a situation where all seemed lost.
On the outside I had the perfect marriage, a beautiful son, a lovely home and by all accounts a happy life.
This could not have been farther from the truth.
The truth was that I was another number in the rising statistics of domestic violence against women.
I became the woman that all girls claim they will not become. I was the woman who learnt it was safer to stay silent and agree, than voice an opinion. A woman who lost her identity, a woman who faded into the background.

A cataclysmic event changed all of that.

I slowly learnt the value of myself and with the help of family and counsellors I was able to re-awaken the courage that had been so long repressed.
I finally stood up for myself and said 'enough'!

In my darkest times I lost my creativity. I lost the piece of myself that I had pride in. And I wish no-one to ever go through that which I have been.

Not Quite Nan's is an dream that I have had in my head for awhile . For me, Not Quite Nan's is like the comfort and advice Nan would freely offer (not to forget her tea and biscuits), with a little bit of modern-day attitude thrown in for good measure.

A dream for the future is to have a real 'bricks and mortar' Not Quite Nan's home. A place where women can express themselves, find the parts of their soul they have lost, and never be at the mercy of someones whim.

I am hoping this blog will be the pre-foundation stone. At times it will show my crafty adventures, my thoughts, creative women who inspire, and the things that make me thank myself for having the courage to stand up and take back my life.

++Update: I am now in a loving and respectful relationship with a man who is supportive of all I am now and all I would like to achieve in my future. It hasn't been easy at times reopening myself to trust, but I am thankful that God has given me the opportunity to start afresh.