30 June, 2012

And finally she got to sew

It has been ages since I have sat and sewn something on my sewing machine. Though I did finish my quilt last weekend, there is nothing more satisfing when you finish sewing a garment and it actually fits!! And this one does.
What started out as this...

turned into the meringue skirt from the 'Colette Sewing Handbook'. I have been lusting over this book for months and finally bought it as a present for myself for my, ahem, 31st* birthday a fortnight ago. So pleased with it so far. Can't wait to sew the other patterns in this book by the talented Sarai Mitnick.

* Jackson asked me how old I turned on my birthday (which incidently is the day after his birthday. All of those well meaning people when I was pregnant said it would be so great to have him on my birthday. They all seemed a bit shocked when I kept saying "hell no, we both need our own day!". Anyway, digressing).
So I replied that as he turned 5, I got to turn 31.
"Wow, 31, mum -".
Me smiling, happy at his comment (way to soon)
"- that's nearly 1000".
Smile suddenly frozen.

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