29 July, 2012

Life and Liberty

I completely meant to post last week. Honest to goodness I did.
Then uni kind of got in the way, very much-ly got in the way.

Second year subjects are definitely different to first year subjects. And even though I took one second year subject last semester I really wasn't expecting to be hit full-on one the first day of semester.

Definite Highlight/Shock of the first lecture, first day:

      "Hello everyone. I'm going to be a total bitch and tell you that 25% of you will fail this subject. I'm not trying to scare you, I'm telling you how it is. So, hello again to the quarter of the audience I had last semester."

So that's the life part.

Now for the Liberty bit.

I did in fact finish one more sewing project before uni started. Its the actual shirt I wanted to make with the Liberty fabric (OK so its 'knock-off' Liberty fabric), the shirt I made in the bird fabric to test out the pattern.

My 'Liberty' fabric (bought from Spotlight: Cotton lawn)

And I must say, I'm pretty happy with the results! Bring on the warmer weather I cant wait to wear it.

I'm thinking: skirts and shorts.

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