04 June, 2012

What goes around comes around

We all know that what goes around comes around, and that karma is a bitch. But, have you given any thought to what comes around when you are always the nice person?
To be perfectly honest I was having a bad week. Not bad as in bad things are happening, but bad as in motivation and sick to death of those who find it a sport to kick you when you're down.
When all of a sudden karma happened: A random woman at the supermarket stopped me to tell me she loved my haircut.
A friend called me and said she had organized for me to pick out some yummy skin care as an early birthday present.
And a lovely mum from Jackson's school gave me a belated mothers day present of perfume.

See, karma does come around, and it's not always the bite you in the arse kind. Thank you world xoxo.

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