17 June, 2012

When it all gets muddled

The last few weeks have been an interesting learning (and observing) curve.
Jackson has been having some ups and downs at school; and to be perfectly honest, at home too.

While he is one of the youngest kids in his prep class (his 5th was on Friday - the cut-off for attending prep this year was a birthday no less than 15 days later than his birthday) he is at times one of the smartest. I mean, I'm not bragging, he has a natural aptitude for maths and computers (where I have next to none), he can memorise just about any book or TV show he hears/sees; but he has a propensity to act before thinking, get frustrated with himself and though he is able to recite right from wrong rules wise - he has a habit of breaking them in the 'moment'.

So after talking with his school Principal, his unbelievably patient and caring Prep teacher and a family friend within the education/psychology system, here's hoping we get something that works.

Step 1: The Rules/ Guidelines/ Notes - make sure he is aware of them (and knows what they mean).
Step 2: Gaining rewards and losing rewards regarding his behaviour - I am getting to be Queen of the sticker chart.
Step 3: Understanding that Jackson effectively has 2 to 3 sets of rules to follow and that there are allowances made according to his location - Okay, so this needs further explanation. There are rules that he has to follow at school. There are rules that he has to follow at home with me (which are on par with the school rules, as his primarily lives with me). And, there are the rules that he has to follow at his Dad's home. While I wish I could have an adult communicative relationship with my ex, as my 'about tab' points out, it sometimes isn't the ideal option.
And lets not forget Step 4: Remember he has just only turned 5. He has had a lot of changes in his little life, and even though he might be intelligent in some areas, he does think bodily functions are hilarious ("can you smell my fluff Mum?"), wont hesitate to put food from the ground into his mouth, and believes that I do have all of the answers. (While I have explained to him that in fact I don't know everything, he responded "but Grandma does, doesn't she?")

Yet I have to remember that things can get muddled in his head with all of the new things he is encountering and experiencing everyday. So we came up with some notes that mean everything we hope our home reflects; and it hangs on our wall right next to the front door.

Jackson suggested many of these. But his favourite (and mine too):

                                                              Give lots of huggles.

Who can argue with logic like that?

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