08 January, 2012

2012 Remotely Achievable List

Writer Frances Whiting in today's 'U on Sunday' - supplement in The Sunday Mail (Qld) made a great point in regards to New Year resolutions. If you get the chance to read  a copy of her 'Remotely Achievable List' then you'll know what I mean. For those who don't the general gist is that new year resolutions are usually unachievable or a tad too grandiose, so she has outlined things that are more likely to be seen through, or achieved through the year.
For Example: Stop pretending I don't know how to program the DVD player when really I do know how to do it, I just don't want to get of the couch. - Priceless I say.

So here are my remotely achievable goals for 2010.

 1.    Smile more

I’m not a natural smiler. It may stem from the braces I wore for 4 years in my teens, and it could come from never knowing what would happen next and how my manner/demeanour/style would be interpreted in my old life. Wariness seems to be in my nature, but dag-nammit woman you gotta smile more.

2.    Move house

For the last 2.5 years Jackson and I have lived with my parents. They have been an absolute godsend and I could not have come out the other side of everything that happened had it not been for them. However, I am really starting to wish I had my own place (with Jackson of course). Somewhere where I can spread my wings (and my craft and book stash) and enable Jackson and I to learn to be a family of 2.

3.    Realise that sometimes things are lost/broken, and that is okay

As much as I have been through (and one day I will share my full story) I have to realise that my ability to give others second – third/fourth/fifth etc – chances and look for the good in people when it might not be there has to have its limits. This year I hope to realise that when things are broken they cannot be fixed; and some people really do try to mow you down at every opportunity so stop giving them chances to do so! Some people never change – I need to realise that. The respect I think will come, will never come.

4.    Actually exercise

I’m little and thin-ish (gosh what have I got to complain about) but I am totally unfit. Heaven help me if I have to run anywhere. The truth of the matter is that I am just lazy and lax when it comes to exercise. It wouldn’t hurt you to get off your butt, woman.

5.    Eat less chocolate

This really ties in with the above. While I may me thin-ish it means that I cannot eat whatever I like. I don’t eat heaps and heaps of the cocoa-y goodness its just that I shouldn’t due to my faulty pancreas (not diabetes, my pancreas cannot breakdown fats and oils before it goes to my liver for the next stage in digestion. Thus eating higher-fat foods, alcohol and oily things are on my ‘no’ list. Must have stronger willpower and learn to obsess about dried apricots instead like Jackson. No joke he loves them. I have to limit him otherwise he get stomach aches.

6.    Blog more

That’s kind of self explanatory. Have faith, woman, just blog!

7.    Do more – create more, live more

I think this is more of a fear and old life thing. I need to fear less and live the life I want to live and be who I want to be.

8.    Be comfortable with my style

My style has always been different to the norm. I seem to walk the divide (sometimes not so well) between classic dressing and quirky. Though I still maintain that the red suede moccasins I used to own were the bomb.

9.    Keep things local

      Get involved with the local community, be it uni this year, Jackson’s new school, and with those around me.

10.    Remove the fear
Fear of what? Fear of a lot of things. Backbone, woman! Get up, get active, look those who wish you harm squarely in the face, smile and be yourself!

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