06 January, 2012

The Cranks

I have a phrase that I use with Jackson when he gets a face on him like this...

Yes, he was trying to get through the cat-door.

"Do you have the Cranks?"
He inevitably says "Yes. I. Do!"- I love the honest answers.

Well it seems like I have the Cranks today myself. It's not that I have anything to complain about. On the contrary I am healthy, not in debt up to my eyeballs, Jackson is being 'my friend' (this will change when I either wont agree to extra biscuits before dinner or if I turn the telly off because he wont. - "You're not my friend anymore/ I'm not your best friend" is the usual response. Off topic...

I don't really have any good reason to have the Cranks, but I just know that I do. Beware The Cranks, they can sometimes be catching.

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