11 January, 2012

Matisse and washi - what a combination!

The other day I had the luck (and finally the time) to see the Matisse exhibition at Brisbane's GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art).

The exhibition primarily focused on Matisse during his drawing phases and how he developed his sketches in the 20th century for his foray into screen printing. As always a GOMA exhibition is beautifully set out with people on had to answer any questions you may have.
While I love an exhibition, I am alway just slightly more excited to see the exhibition shop at the end of the tour! I get that child-like feeling of excitement and wondering what treasures will be discovered. And discover I did.
There were prints to purchase, books on Matisse, Paris Interiors and the secrets to Parisian Flea Markets. Next to these were minutures of the Eifel Tower, painting and sketching gift packs and ... washi tape! Thats right, washi tape.

And how could I resist when I turned over the rolls and found out in was the 'Made in Japan' kind. The real stuff, not the Chinese imposters.

Three rolls of the red, white and blue, and I'll be taking a leaf out of the A Spoonful of Sugar blog and using this patriotic tape to make presents and cards extra special.

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