14 March, 2012

Life lesson - what not to do when you're rushing

Picture this...

At your local community centre.
Trying to get a little man into the car.
People are waiting, wanting to get into their car also.
Remembering that you have your uni bag in the car and don't want to take it into the shop you are next driving to, so you take out your purse and mobile and rest them on the roof of the car while you put the bag in the boot of the car.
Then realise that you are thirsty, so go back into the car boot to get your water bottle which you put next to the little man (as he has finally sat down) and buckle him in.
Did I mention there are people waiting to get into their car on the other side of your car (and they have a little one so they want room to open their doors fully).
Grab the water bottle from next to the little man and shut his door
Rush around to the driver's side.
Quickly get in, shut the door, turn on the car and whizz out.

Did you see the bit I didn't do...?
It's OK, go back and read it do you see it?

Yep, that's right. The purse and the mobile phone are still on the roof of the car.

Fast forward to arriving at the shops and realising that you don't have your phone or your purse.
Oh crap.

Want to see what an iPhone looks like when you drive over it...

Completely broken, not working, kaput. On a side note: the protective backing case you put on it survived beautifully.

Purse gone.
Search the community centre area and the drive to the shops for the purse (it's bright pink, you couldn't miss it).
Report your idiocy to the Police (in case it gets handed it).
Call the bank.

And then...
A miracle.
A tradie finds the wallet in the middle of the intersection and returns it - to the address on your licence - (with everything still in it).

Thank the stars there are honest, ethical people out there.

Pretty sure I've learnt this lesson.

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