11 March, 2012

At the local Coles


Oh what fun, aisle after aisle, seemingly never-ending.
 - Actually I don't mind grocery shopping, now.

The local Coles has put in one of their 'Mix' installations. For those unaware this means a little bit of clothes shopping while I do my grocery shopping.
'Mix' at my local is set at about half-way down the store, so it provides a few minutes of distraction from the cereal aisle to the shampoo aisle.
I have bought a few of the 'Mix' tee's (at $8 and they wash well) and a couple of the cardi's also (they are a light-weight for layering).
While I like the simple/classic vibe the brand is currently going for I tend just to buy the tee's.

...Until I nabbed a pretty good bargain - I do say so myself.

Another tee (nothing new there) and...a denim skirt for $5! Very much liking its $20 reduction in price.
What woman doesn't love a bargain.

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