12 December, 2011

Creating Christmas

Today was the annual 'hampers' day at my local community centre. This centre has been a great saviour to me over the 'bad' years and I try to help them back when time allows.

This year mum, myself and about 15-20 other volunteers helped carry, sort and pack 84 christmas hampers destined for those whose Christmas may not be all twinkly and bright.

With 84 laundry baskets, 15 trestle tables laden with food and drink (and boxes overflowing underneath the tables) we packed them all with drink, festive nibbles, smoke alarms, pasta's, rice, tinned goods, tea and coffee, biscuits, personal care items, lollies, christmas cheer and wishes of hope and luck for the future (not to mention numerous items I have likely forgotten).


To give back something was a great feeling, and one that I hope embodies the idea and spirit of Christmas.

Merry Christmas


  1. Welcome back to the blog world. Love the new blog! I read your about page and really feel confident that you will one day achieve your vision of a bricks and mortar safe haven. Good on you for getting out of your bad situation and for taking what you learnt and using it to help other women. Your a very brave woman and I think we could all learn a little something from you.

  2. Ok and I just realised that you have my blog listed in your inspiring women section and I am absolutely blown away. I am very honored. Thank you!