30 October, 2012

And now for some answers

I haven't really given much insight into myself on this blog - other than my pic and some brief info.

Aha you say, we get to hear her story!

Well, actually no, not at this moment. There's lots I'd love to say, but those of you who've seen the inside of the Federal Court - long story, I wasn't in trouble, I was making my case for justice - you'd understand that you can't always put the whole story on paper/blog. There's rules regarding privacy and the issue of not pi**ing off people no matter how much of it is the truth.

Kat sent me a list of questions months ago to share on my blog. At the time I half filled out the questions and something must of come up - usually an emergency with Lego or sticky tape - because I just never finished answering it.

So here they are, my answers to misplaced questions.

Favourite holiday destination?
London, hands down, everytime.

Favourite family holiday tradition?
The September school holidays. My family did a lot of car-trip holidays visiting relatives in those two weeks. It always started off early and cold, but by the time we came home summer was really starting to be felt.

Worst habit?
I can be a little anal (yes Dad I heard that laugh, even from here) about organisation and the correct way to do things. Patience is also not my virtue.

Have you ever broken a bone?
I have. I broke my toe when I was about 14. I was pushed in front of a car (don't gasp, the car was a fair way away) and my rescuer launched at me to pull me back. But he stepped on my foot (very hard) in the process, splitting my big toe bone straight down the middle. He always said 'remember the day I saved your life?' - 'Yes, you also broke my toe'. 'Ahh, but I did save your life'.

Tea or coffee?
Tea. Coffee makes me jittery, very jittery. Same thing happens to Jackson too, he asked to try my sister's iced coffee one day. You'd think he'd had the whole drink, not just a sip. Lets just say iced coffee, a 3 year old and a child harness used as an improv bungee cord do not mix well.

Favourite sport?
I'm not a sport person by any stretch of the imagination. Can I count walking up my stairs?

Skill you would most like to learn?
How to ride a motorcycle. That would be cool, but my sister is a nurse and has seen what happens to people when they come off (she was in theatres - so pretty horrific) thus I am banned from ever doing so. Plus, if I'm honest, I'm pretty uncoordinated. You know, that person who always trips themself up - thats me. Any loose paver or concrete crack, I promise to find it and stumble.

Song of the moment?
Loving Florence and the Machine's Spectrum.

Favourite movie?
Ooh, thats a tough one. It really depends on my mood.
I like older movies and musicals: Singin' in the Rain, Sabrina (the Hepburn one).
Obscure movies: Dogma, Thankyou for Smoking, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.
Fantasy: Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, Stardust.
Girl Power and Inspiration: Mona Lisa Smile, An Education.
British Based: Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day,Gosford Park.
Good Laughs: Fools Gold, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
This list is not exhaustive, of course. Its the ones I can remember whilst I'm typing.
Oh and I am partial to the odd Bollywood film too!

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