21 September, 2012

In my neighbourhood

This is what I saw at the bus stop the other day when I went to catch the bus.

Now I know about the indie craft movements that leave spontaneous gifts and embellishments in public places in the southern states, but I have never seen it locally, until now.

This gorgeous rainbow is all crocheted. Every last stitch. And it was definitely not there the day before, I have good Intel it was done in the dark of night.

No, I am not the mystery rainbow crochet-er (don't even start me on the subject of trying to crochet - not pretty, lots of knots), but as my parents live opposite the bus stop they are adamant it wasn't there the day before.

It certainly put a smile on my face. 

1 comment:

  1. This so funny that you just posted this because I was just driving home about an hour ago and when I stopped at the lights I was looking at a light pole covered in sticky tape from people putting up garage sale signs and stuff. All I could think was how much better the pole would look with a bit of yarn bombing. Ha ha maybe I need to whip something up.