04 February, 2012

A new year word

At the beginning of the year I happened upon a blog by Susannah Conway via a link from Clare Lancaster's Women in Business blog. Clare had featured Susannah's blog post entitled A little something for you.

This post really hit home for me. Susannah had posted a 16 page workbook that would focus on the new year ahead and all the possibilities you could see for yourself, while saying goodbye to the year that was 2011.

I printed out the workbook and to be honest, was a little bit hesitant to wise up to myself on paper.  -Yes, I see the hypocrisy of having a blog and baring one's soul, but having issues with the good ol' paper type of journal - . So I did exactly what Susannah suggested and gathered my favourite coloured pens (thank you Typo for your 5 for $5 pens), found a quiet place to sit and jumped in.

While I'm not going to share the words that I wrote, I want to share one of the aspects that Susannah created. Susannah encouraged having a word that would sum up your outlook and attitude for 2012.

This is mine.

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