22 December, 2011

New Opportunities

I'm a simple kinda-girl. I don't need all the trimmings, nor all the bells and whistles (though I am coveting an iphone - I must be the only person without one!)

When opportunity knocks in the form of Op Shopping then I'm your girl. Here are the finds of this week.

Plates for making cake stands.

Hankies for, well, I will think of something. Plus I am ol'fashioned and always carry one with me.

I couldn't pass up this dictionary. My mum has a Webster's  New Collegiate Dictionary from 1957. It is one of my favourite things. Cloth bound, rice-paper thin pages and that smell that old books have. Not only that it has in it a 'Pronouncing Gazetteer', a 'Vocabulary of Rhymes', and 'Colleges and Universities in the United States and Canada. It is a treasure trove of language from when 'texting' was not even a twinkle in its programmer's eye.

My new (well 1938) Webster's lists the Presidents of America (FDR is still in office), flowers and their meanings (there are some interesting ones when combined in a posy), and a population of the world table - in 1938 the world had approximately 1.8 billion people. With 'Australasia' at 4 million!

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