28 December, 2011

Anyone for cake?

Here is the cake stand I made from the plates I sourced from my Op Shop travels. I apologise for the difference in photo's. I have made a few cake stands as Christmas presents and while for one design of plates I took photo's of it all coming together, I neglected to document the finished cake stand. However I did photograph the finished one of another set of plates - but not the construction!

I found my cake stand handles and china drill bit from CakeStandHandles at Craftumi.

Step One: Get all the bits you need. Plates, saucers, cups - check. Drill bit and charged drill - check. Small contaner of water and a marking pen  - check.

Step One

Step Two: Find the middle of the plate and mark the underside of the plate with the marker. Then start drilling on this mark. Make sure to add a few drops of water to keep the drill bit cool and to help alliviate the chance of the plate cracking (it helps with the friction).

Step Two

Step Three: Put the first screw in the bottom tier plate and add one of the cake plate dividers on the front.

Step Three

Step Four: Follow step two and step three again for the remaining tiers.

Step Four

Step Five: Remember to take photo's of all of the progress and enjoy your tea and cake with a cute vintage cake stand.

Step Five ~ Enjoy!

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